RARA-AVIS: steals and criticism

Fred Willard (fwillard@bellsouth.net)
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 20:25:33 -0400 Sorry, I didn't mean to seem like I was suggesting censorship and I wasn't
responding to any one post. (I've noted this by email, but it seems to be

Hopefully, this is a clearer statement of my point:

1.The use of a post's subject line could warn people that a review might
spoil their breakfast (particularly if they wrote the book.)

I suggest this only as a courtesy that might further civil discourse.
Obviously, I'm just another list subscriber so this suggestion carries no
weight, but I think it makes sense.


2. Theft implies that the person stolen from actually owned the concept in
the first place. I am cynical about the existence of any new stories, so
the odds are the person we credit with originating the idea borrowed it
from someone else and put new clothes on it.

And speaking of reviews... I just saw the film "Goodbye Lover." It was
soundly panned in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, but I enjoyed it quite
a lot. I don't seem to be synchronized with the rest of the world.


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