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Jerry Buck (
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 23:02:01 -0700 > The mayor doesn't want to close the beach because it would be bad for
> business, which is like the whole town being against closing the
> supposedly health springs...but the plots diverge pretty radically fr.
there! What's
> a "direct steal"?

The threat to the town is the same, even though the outcome is different.
If the endings were the same the shark would become town mascot, and the
mayor would sell "Bruce" T-shirts. Enemy is a political tract, while Jaws is
a thriller with the shark as the serial killer. Dr. Stockman of Enemy is
split to become the police chief, marine biologist, and shark hunter. None
is kin to the mayor, however. Each has a characteristic of Ibsen's
protagonist. The chief is concerned about public safety. The biologist
considers the science. The shark hunter is obsessed, although leaning more
toward Ahab than Stockman. Actually, early drafts of Jaws closely followed
Ibsen, but the shark ate the manuscript.

Jerry Buck

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