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Jerry Buck (
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 08:41:12 -0700 > Robert Crais' Elvis Cole is for all intents and purposes a
> Hollywood P.I.
> Crais worked in the business. He along with his creation live in
> houses in the Hollywood Hills. Cole has got a Mickey Mouse clock on his
> wall. LULLABY TOWN, one of the better Cole novels concerns a big time
> director and captures the essence rather well.

I worked in the business too. Or at least covered it as a reporter and
columnist in New York and Los Angeles for 30 years. I have a Hollywood Walk
of Fame clock on my office wall. I also have a Hanna-Barbera clock. As well
as press passes to the Oscars and Emmys, my NYPD, United Nations, and LAPD
press passes, and my credentials for various presidential campaigns. I don't
live in the Hollywood Hills, however, having selected a home not likely to
fall victim to a mud slide or brush fire. My sleuth in my as-yet unsold
series is a screenwriter. My youngest son writes movies for Disney, Fox,
etc., although he's never solved a crime. My mysteries have a Hollywood

Nevertheless, I don't consider it a "Hollywood novel." Any more than I
would consider a Dick Francis mystery a "horseracing novel."

It's simply the milieu in which it's set. The driving force is not whether
Mr. Superstar gets the role--and girl--of his dreams. It is first and
foremost a mystery. Whodunnit--and why, and how does he/she get caught.

I know a lot of people disagree. Especially editors, who say a) "I love the
Hollywood inside background," or b) "lf I see another Hollywood mystery I'm
going to upchuck."

Jerry Buck

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