RARA-AVIS: Bill Crider & Peter Collinson

pabergin (pabergin@gte.net)
Sat, 3 Apr 1999 00:55:49 -0500 Bill wrote
<<If I recall accurately (a decreasingly likely happening), Ellery Queen
wrote that in the late 1800s "Peter Collins" was criminal slang for
"nobody." So "Peter Collinson" would be "nobody's son." Hammett used the
pseudonym earlier than "Arson Plus," though not for a mystery story.>>

I seemed to remember the Collinson thing differently, but that's likely
because I wasn't paying attention. I thought it had something to do w/ a
Scot Yrd nickname for a burglar. Bill's EQ reference rings too true to be
disputed, tho.

And Hammett did use the name before "Arson Plus." Its first use was
simultaneously in December, 1922. In that month, "The Barber & His Wife"
appeared in BRIEF TALES and "The Road Home" appeared in [THE] BLACK MASK,
his first appearance in that mag. Both as by Peter Collinson. The last use
of the P.C. pseudonym was on "Itchy," published in BRIEF STORIES, 1/24.

Ain't it neat to own bibliographies?

Makes y'look smarter than y'can ever hope to be.

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