RARA-AVIS: Digesting the digest

EJM Duggan (ejmd@cwcom.net)
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 18:45:36 +0000 Chums,

Twice now in the last few days the digest has been quoted in full by
someone replying to a post. It doesn't take much thought or effort to
cut out extraneous material. *Please* try to remember that some of us
have slow internet connections which we pay for ourselves. Cutting down
quoted text--especially when it's a whole digest!--can make a real
difference to someone's quality of life.

Thanks :-)



I was a little alarmed to read the press release this morning about my mother being bought out by AOL. They're willing to let her keep her own identity within the conglomerate but she had to be branded with AOL's distinctive logo. Still, it should improve her reach significantly, and I wish her the best.
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