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Re recent posts on the *Big Sleep* movie:

"The question regarded the death of the chauffeur.
Ziggy Nix

Christopher Bahn (Kelly Services Inc) wrote:

"Just noticed this bit of trivia about
the movie version of "The Big Sleep"
on 'Director Howard
Hawks and star Humphrey Bogart got
into an argument as towhether one of
the characters was murdered or
committed suicide. They sent a wire
to author Raymond Chandler asking him
to settle the issue, but he replied
that he didn't know either.' Begs the
question, which character? "

The original, unreleased until
recently, film version makes that
particular death a little clearer via
a scene in the DA's Office in which a
lot of the confusing details to that
point are sorted out. That scene was
cut from the final version. - Jim

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