RARA-AVIS: Big Sleep

michael david sharp (msharp@umich.edu)
Sat, 20 Mar 1999 07:44:41 -0500 (EST) The chauffeur's name is Owen Taylor, and there *is* a question of suicide,
though I don't think we're supposed to believe that theory. Taylor had
been whacked upside the head w/ what detecitves/Marlowe believed was a
blackjack. Joe Brody's the most likely candidate (Brody having stolen the
negative of naked Carmen from Taylor, who stole it from Geiger after
knocking him off...). But still Brody's killing Taylor in such a
complicated way doesn't make a ton of sense.

Chandle was quite aware, I think, that he often just invented reasons for
trouble to happen without much concern for logical continuity. He seems
almost to be flaunting this when at the beginning of *Farewell, My
Lovely*, Marlowe, on a totally unrelated assignment, follows Moose Malloy
into a building merely out of curiosity: looking at the swinging doors,
he *tells* us, "It wasn't any of my business. So I pushed them open and
looked in."


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