RARA-AVIS: Holloway House info needed

Nebula (nebula@cam.org)
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 11:41:16 -0500 Thanks to the rara-avis crew I have got some of the Holloway House Iceberg
Slim and Donald Goines titles for the store. Oh, I am manager/buyer for
Nebula a small specialty store in Montreal that carries
SF/fantasy?horror/crime fiction. But I am wondering if any of rara-avians in
the book trade could come up with some info for me: a phone number for
Holloway House, or just who exactly distributes their books. A web-page
would be nice but I couldn't find one. I ordered these through Ingram but
they have Canadian prices so probably have some sort of Canadian
distribution. I would appreciate any info.

Just finished Prather's _The Cockeyed Corpse_ and it was just a perfect
pick-me-up for mid-February blues; quick, fun and less dirty than I
expected. I will read more of the Shell Scott series in the future.

Ciao, Keith


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