Re: RARA-AVIS: Holloway House info needed

Dave (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 11:18:46 -0800 I knew Holloway House was in L.A., called information, and they gave me
this number: 310-657-9750. I believe they're in West Hollywood.

BTW, I just read "Pimp," by Iceberg Slim. One of the "slangiest" reads
ever ... (there's a glossery in the back.) Even if the ending is kind of
a cop-out, it's a captivating read ... and as tough and cruel as
anything you've ever seen. However, there is a moral to the story, as
Slim, psychologically tortured in prison, (yet again) realizes that his
life as a pimp is a dead end. Finally, he embraces the "straight" life.



"An hour ago, Rudy Linnaker had this town in his pocket ..." "Now, you can strain him through a sieve."
-- Touch Of Evil

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