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Re Mark's comment below:

"Parker would do whatever was necessary to accomplish his goal as a matter
of course with no reflection. You know what his character would do in a
situation. Unlike Hamilton, Westlake has no need to accentuate how tough
and realistic his character is."

Helm is a basically decent man doing indecent work for the greater good.
I believe Hamilton himself described him as "actually a pretty nice guy
who kills people." So when he explains what he's doing it wnd why, he's
not really explaining; he's justifying his apparently callous attitude.
And I think he's justifying it to himself more than to us.

Parker, on the other hand, is a vicious, selfish, amoral piece of shit
(for all that he's a masterfully created fictional character). He doesn't
have to justify his actions, because he doesn't care whether or not they
are wrong.

There's also the fact that the Helms are first person, and therefore we're
inside Helm's head every step of the way, while the Parkers are in
rigorously objective third person, so we're not as constantly privvy to
his thoughts. - Jim Doherty

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