Re[2]: RARA-AVIS: TMF - surprises & sequel?

Bill Hagen (
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 17:45:05 -0600 (CST) > "Let's not forget John Huston's sequel to his film version of TMF,
> _Beat the Devil_ (1954), with Bogart and Lorre from the original, and
> Robert Morley in the Gutman role."
> *Beat the Devil* had many of the same cast members, but they weren't
> playing the same characters, so it's not a *TMF* sequel, anymore than
> Huston's follow-up to *TMF*, *Across the Pacific* is. - Jim Doherty

Yeah, sequel is stretching it, I guess, though some similar roles, in the
spirit of a sendup of that kind of film. Someone posted that Bogart never
made another Huston pic because *Beat the Devil* failed. Not quite the
whole story: Huston agreed with Bogart that the orig. script was lousy,
but both wanted to go ahead anyway, and Bogart's company produced it.
According to one source, Bogie didn't mind losing the money at all.

Bill Hagen

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