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I received a CC of Phil's post to the list, which I read and replied to
before I clilcked on the r-a digest. havinf read the diggest, I thought
my reply to Phil might as well go to the list as it continues the


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Philip Benz wrote:

> I must have been reading an old version of the TMF faq
> sheet, V2.06, because there weren't any links to pics on it. The main
> page had a number of nice posters, and the French poster did have a
> reasonable drawing of Lorre as Cairo (though just the head).

Quelle surprise! This rings no bells with me! Perhaps this drawing is on
another site <ie not www.ejmd.mcmail.com> I trust, however, you have
found TMF FAQ v. 3 and have the pictures now?

> I'll be showing clips from TMF in my English class, probably the opening
> office scene where Miss "O'Shaugnessy" describes Thursby and perhaps one
> of the later confrontations with Cairo.

Do you subscribe to H-Film? It's a scholarly film list which often has
interesting threads. I thought I knew Huston's 1941 film pretty well,
but I recently learned, via H-Film, of previously unseen 'glitch'. When
Archer makes his first appearance while Wonderly is in the office with
Spade, pay very close attention to his hands ... especially in the
second shot.

> Pity French copyright law doesn't allow an exception for
> educational purposes, or I'd be showing the whole thing.

What!? Does French copyright law mean you can't show a film in class?!
How can film/media studies courses run? I thought France was Europe's
great nation of cineastes! I am shocked and surprised :-0

Do you know of the 1940s trailer for TMF available on line (from the
Turner site). It's a big (7MB) file, but it runs for almost three
minutes. Sydney Greenstreet does a stand-up to camera, followed by
several clips and captions. You could probably grab a good portrait
each member of the cast from this. It's also just neat to see (if alta
vista doesn't turn it up with "maltese falcon" +trailer let me know and
I'll see'f I can find you the URL).

> I've just been lurking here for a few weeks. I'm curious whether, well,
> aside from your scholarly work Ed, anyone here currently writes
> hard-boiled fiction, or if this list is primarily a readers' forum.

There are a few published writers on the list, some with several novels
under their belts. There are a few academics, and publishers too! The
list is really very good (much better than rec.arts.mystery).

Eddie Duggan


I have some more stills in <http://www.ejmd.mcmail.com/chapter3.htm>
which may be of use to you---there are pictures of (at least) Gutman,
Archer and Wonderly.

There may also be (links to) pictorial material on the internet movie
database (IMDb) entry for TMF.

Finally, check out the TMF section of the Links Page of my Page to
Screen site <http://www.ejmd.mcmail.com/ptoshome.htm>

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