RARA-AVIS: Re: pics, writers & poison

Philip Benz (Philip.Benz@wanadoo.fr)
Tue, 09 Feb 1999 22:16:04 +0100 << We're certainly not a writer's
group, and people shouldn't post stories. >>

Writers' groups are something of a paradox -- if they're easy to find
and join, there's usually not much point of being in them. One fine
exception was Alex Krislov's Litforum group on CIS, but I haven't been
there for ages, since I changed servers to save a few centimes.

BTW I did find the version 3.0 of the TMF faq, with the pics. Thanx,
guys for the pointers.

I'm not able to pick up the latest at the bookshops, but was wondering
if there's much interest in poisonings these days, or if poison has any
place in hard boiled lit. Offhand, I suspect that it is too slow and
casual for most hard boiled action, but there was one poor sod poisoned
in a James Ellroy novel I read recently... _Black Dahlia_ perhaps?
Poisoning must be more suited to classic novels of detection.

Sorry if I'm rambling a bit too much for this group. Set me straight if
need be.

Cheers, --- Phil
Lycee Astier, Aubenas, France

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