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Robert E. Skinner (
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 08:47:35 -0600 wrote:
> Perhaps one of my problems is reading the books one after the other. . . My friend replied, "but you're not supposed to read them that way.">

Well, it is "formula" fiction. I always imagined that fiction of this
sort, particularly Gold Medal fiction, reached the audience it did
because people liked the formula. Hamilton is a strong, articulate, and
facile writer, but the Helm stories do have a rather rigid formula.
Having deliberately not written to a formula in my own work, I can only
imagine that a tried-and-true formula allows one to turn stories out
quickly, and to a rather rigid publication schedule. Hamilton and the
others will be frank in telling you that they never conceived that they
were writing deathless literature, only entertaining stories.

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