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blumenidiot (
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 15:16:35 -0600 > It is a particular hallmark of the Helm stories that Helm will allow
>himself to be captured and placed at a disadvantage in order to overcome
>his enemy and "make the touch," as he calls it. He often reminds the
>reader that the job is to make the kill, not come back alive. And he
>places himself in harm's way over and over to make that point.
Granted, but he should have some kind of plan or edge or plan. Many of the
genre's protagonists go into a situation where they know they have little
chance of surviving, but they have some good reason to think they will
accomplish their mission. Many times Helm does this against another "pro"
when he should not be able to succeed. It seems to me Hamilton could have
structured the plot as he does in The Ambushers, when Helm again allows
himself to be captured, but he his plan to have the touch made by another
goes awry.
Perhaps one of my problems is reading the books one after the other. I did
that with the Travis McGee books also. I complained to someone who really
liked the series that in many of the books the girl he is having an affair
with is killed at the very end of the book.
My friend replied, "but you're not supposed to read them that way."
Mark Blumenthal

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