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Sorry about the delayed response.

Yes, there was an anthology of Anthony Boucher's reviews; its title is
Multiplying Villanies and I have it somewhere in a box. Helen McCloy wrote
the introdiction and Mrs. Boucher also worte a one page piece. Helen McCloy
was (or is; she might still be alive!) one of the great American writers of
the Golden Age and creator of Dr. Basil Willing. She was David Dresser's
first wife. Dresser was the creator of Mike Shayne.

I had a big problem with Boucher; he was the first mystery reviewer I read,
in the pages of the New York Times and in EQMM. The trouble is that I have
never been able to finad another so good. I always wished that I had read
others first.

Incidentally, Boucher wrote several nice mysteries; of particular interest
is The Case of the Baker Street Irregulars, with it's obvious tribute to
Sherlock Holmes and with a nice twist in the solution. Also good are Nine
Times Nine, Rocket to the Morgue (a tribute to science fiction fandom), and
the Nick Noble short stories. There is a collection of Boucher's stories
which has several of these and others, some of them excellent, including
several of his nun heroine. This was published not many years ago, so it
should be not too hard to obtain.

Enrique Bird

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> Jim Doherty just brought up a couple of Anthony Boucher's comments. Was
> there ever an anthology of Boucher's critical pieces?
> Mark
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