RARA-AVIS: Acrobat, anyone?

Kevin Smith (kvnsmith@colba.net)
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 20:11:52 -0500 >This book is also in print and conveniently available through Vintage New
>Media at:
>Cost is $5 and there's no shipping, because the book is delivered through
>electronic download. Another happy side effect of this method of
>publication is that the book is instantly available throughout the world.
>Certainly, Carroll John Daly deserves no less.

>Thank you, thank you...but, er, my straight-faced recommendation was
>also tongue-in-cheek (to add another cliche to the cascade). But it is
>true that Daly's novels are virtually unknown. _The Hidden Hand_ was
>also reissued on paper by Harper, together with a couple of other Daly
>books. I don't think those are in print any more, so it's nice to have
>the electronic edition. Is it in Acrobat format?

Yep, it's in pdf, a format I'm thinking of using to distribute some stuff
(a few articles I've written, possibly some fiction submitted by others) on
my own site. I was wondering-how many of you have Adobe Acrobat, which
reads .pdf files, or would be willing to download it (it's free) so that
you could download text. Blue Murder, an online mag which I sometimes write
for, is also distributed in this format. It's a really neat format,
allowing publishers to distribute text, graphics, whatever, maintaining the
layout, to anyone on any platform (Mac, Unix, Windows), and the files are
usually quite small.

By the way, any fans of P.I. cheese owe a big debt to John Carroll Daly.
It's definitely a good choice for the reading list, and, as was pointed
out, it's easily available, and pretty cheaply, right on the web in the
.pdf format.

Kevin Smith
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