Re: RARA-AVIS: Non-U.S. Writers, chocolates and various filler...

pHilT (
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 11:22:23 +1000 Kevin Smith wrote:
> Another, really good non-U.S. writer is Australian
> Peter Corris, with his Cliff Hardy series, set in Sydney, Australia.

Yep, the Peter Corris books are usually pretty good. First timers should
probably try his early or late period Cliff Hardy novels (including "The
Empty Beach", "Make Me Rich", "The Reward") for yer typical PI stuff or,
even better, his short, dark series based on a witness protection
officer ("Set Up", "Cross Off" & "Get Even") : very hard indeed. Another
added bonus is that you get to know Sydney and it's environs extremely
well - truely loving descriptions...

PHil :
No Night Sweats :
Other anagrams to be found in the words Kew Rhone :
horn, honk, heron, hew, heener, hone,
owner, week, new, row, error, reek, whore.
You can no doubt eke out a couple more.
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