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Sat, 25 Jul 1998 08:21:31 -0400 Yes! Yes! Yes!

Love the Prey series... never really thought of it as hard-boiled
(probably because it's more cop-oriented than PI-oriented), but
they don't come much more hard-boiled than this guy....

Anyone have a canonical list of published titles? My collection
of John Sandford novels was amassed over the years from airport
book racks, while waiting for the next @#$ #@$ NorthWest airlines
flight to be late.

Is it just me, or is there a higher concentration of hard-boiled
serial killer/medical thriller novels in airport book racks than anywhere
else in the known universe? There has to be some kind of connection.....
Whenever I travel to some foreign city (Detroit) and I'm sitting in a
dingy, over-priced unfriendly hotel room, I slip under the covers and burn
through a hard-boiled novel... it must be environmental conditioning or

And now, since you've been such good listeners and so patient, I'm going to
read you an excerpt from Chapter 78 of my new hard-boiled novella:


I slammed the keyboard down underneath the server. Something in this
network lab stunk, and I had a good idea I knew what. Ripping open the
metal casing I found it. The scum. Some lousy stinking Communist
Extended IDE controller cable was loose. I jammed the roscoe in the button,
and yelled at the motherboard, "Close your yap, bo, or I insert metal into
your 16-bit controller card, without applying the anti-static strap".

I'll post the rest of my novella later if enough people are interested :-).

Matthew "I call my keyboard..... Betsy" Harding

William Denton <buff @>
07/24/98 10:27 PM

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On Fri, 24 Jul 1998, PhantomPhan wrote:

: Could someone let me know how often a book is selected for reading
: and discussion and when the next novel is due?

It's a book a month, and a list goes out every Sunday night. I try to
make sure books are planned out for the next month or two. There's a
backlog of suggestions and the choices get picked from there.
We try to stick to titles in print.

: I'm currently reading one of John Sandford's "Prey" series with
: detective Lucas Davenport. I'm enjoying this series so far. Is
: this type of novel appropriate for rara-avis, or are we limited to
: the classics, ala Hammett and Chandler, et. al.?

We do spend a lot of time on the classics, but lots of subscribers
have favourite contemporary hardboiled writers. I don't know anything
about those Prey books, but perhaps you could say what's hardboiled
about them?

Welcome to the list!


William Denton | Toronto, Canada | | Caveat
              "Let's keep the party polite."

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