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Tue, 07 Jul 1998 10:15:37 -0700 On Sun, 5 Jul 1998, Peter Walker <>wrote:

> the Erle Stanley "moody female"
> isn't Bertha Cool, unfortunately,'cos the words are 5 and 4
> - not 6 and 4 - which is a bit of a sod.

I think this must be Sulky Girl, the title of an ESG novel.
(I got this one by looking in _The Black Mask Boys_)

> Anyone who can name
> "Carroll John Daly's royal bad guy (7,2,4)" will earn my life long
> friendship

Do you have any of the letters in here? (I'd guess the '2' would be
(_The Black Mask Boys_ offers no help here)

> and if you can crack:
> "Annoyed Ronay or aggreived Spengler (10,4)
> I will probably burst into tears. I mean - what the **** does that
> mean?? Are they characters in books? Authors?

I would guess that this is an anagram ('annoyed ronay or' gives the
right number of letters), the 'Spengler' bit might be a clue: I would
suspect 'Spengler' is an author or a character and would be the clincher
for checking the anagram against. I would try getting the four-letter
word and then what's left over to make the ten.


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