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Maki Nakada (
Tue, 7 Jul 1998 18:03:36 +0900 (JST) At 10:39 PM 98.7.5, Peter Walker wrote:
> I would claim that Willerford's "Sideswipe" the funniest and absolutley
> blackest joke in the whole genre. It's all set up for the end. Reminds
> me of Tom Waits "Franks Wild Years": "Never could stand that dog"

I also love Hoke Mosdly series.
SIDESWIPE has many excellnt scenes, especially in Chapter 4.
While reading dialogue between Troy Louden and Stanley,
I had troubles not to burst out laughting on the train in Tokyo.

> Just a little 'loosener' from Carl Hiassen's "Tourist Season" which
> made me chuckle:

I'm crazy for Carl Hiassen,either. His books are full with dry humor
and criticism. Moreover I 'm deeply moved by the last scene of TOUSIST SEASON
and DOUBLE WHAMMY. I don't understand why the movie“Strip Tease ”
was such a dull one although the book was very smooth, attractive.


Maki Nakada(aka, Hirotsuji)

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