RARA-AVIS: Introduction & numbers

HollPhoto (HollPhoto@aol.com)
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 19:03:59 EST Hi,

Having just joined this list,I thought I would introduce myself. I have
been reading mysteries for about 37 years now. I started with Van Dine(Sp?)
went on to Queen and then discovered Hammett, Chandler,ect. Current favorites
in the hardboiled vein include Robert Parker, Arthur Lyons, Loren D. Estlemen,
Max Allen Collins, Steven Greenleaf, Bill Peonzini, Ed McBain. I just
finished the latest John Mashall Tanner book yesterday. Today I'll start
Lawrence Blocks " Hit man" a collection of short stories featuring Keller.
I'll write up my opinion of it when I am finished.
As for the numbers game, I know for a fact that it was alive and well in
the early 60s. My father had a liquor store in Jersey City, NJ and every day
someone would come in and announce the winning number. I grew up listening to
stories of people who hit it big by picking the right number. When the state
lottery first came in, I knew many people who continued playing the numbers -
the trusted the number man more than the government.


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