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Mon, 2 Mar 1998 21:01:17 -0500 (EST) On Mon, 2 Mar 1998, James & Livia Reasoner wrote:

: I've read all the Mike Hammer novels (and just about everything else
: Spillane has written), and I like all of them. The plots don't
: always make too much sense, but there are some great individual
: scenes in them, like the opening on the snowy bridge in _One Lonely
: Night_ (my favorite Hammer novel).

I feel pretty much the same. I think I've read all of them except
_Black Alley_, but I found that in the library the other day.
Spillane must be one of the longest-lived hardboiled writers.

The scenes that stick out in my mind are the violent finales, like
"How could you?" "It was easy." and the one where he plugs up the
shotgun. It sometimes gets to be a bit much the way it's always the
gorgeous, seductive woman who's behind it all, and the way hot sprays
of acid gush out into his churning stomach as he realizes the bad guys
stole his Velda away, but what the hell. You don't mess with Hammer.
There's always a place on my shelf for supertough guys who take care
of business.

Saying Spillane can sometimes be "a bit much" is a bit much, but you
know what I mean.


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