RARA-AVIS: Pellecanos (was: new to the list)

E J M Duggan (ejmd@mcmail.com)
Sat, 17 Jan 1998 12:01:48 -0800 On Fri, 16 Jan 1998, pmcd@clark.net (P McDermott) wrote:

> >...and I hope this doesn't ruffle your (or too many others') feathers
> >much, but Pellecanos *hard-boiled*?
> I agree that the Nick Stefanos books are not hardboiled in the classic
> sense. In my opinion, they have hardboiled characteristics, notably the
> lone outsider moving within, around, and against a corrupt system. I enjoy
> the descriptions of the seemier edge of society, and find the detail
> entertaining (although if he says "I left ten on five" one more time...).

I absolutely agree; I've only read _A Firing Offence_ and enjoyed the
scenes in the shop, and out the back (kind of reminded me of some of the
jobs I've, uh, *enjoyed* in the past), but I think Pellecanos does
rather overplay (overwrite?) things.
Maybe he'll do a Moseley; hey, he could call it Always Overwritten
Always Overtipped ;-)

> (By the way, is *sensitive* a reference to an earlier thread?)

Um; I can't really remember --- I'm sure it's been mentioned here
before, though whether or not it was 'a thread', I can't really say. It
certainly seems to have stirred up some response though, eh ;->


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