RARA-AVIS: Doug Hornig Answer

Rick Robinson (rkr@pacbell.net)
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 12:55:05 -0800 Hello all,

On Thu. 15 Jan. 1998 Frederick Zackel inquired about Doug Hornig:
> I'm reading Foul Shot by Doug Hornig (1984), (..snip..). Can anybody
> tell me about the author? What else has he written?=20

I read and enjoyed the Loren Swift novels when they were published in
the mid 1980's. The author is quoted as saying they are "medium boiled".
He also wrote two "political suspense thrillers" with CIA Agent Steven
Kirk. The books are:

Loren Swift P.I. novels:
FOUL SHOT (1984) Scribners hardcover
HARDBALL (1985) Scribners hardcover
THE DARK SIDE (1986) Mysterious Press hardcover
DEEP DIVE (1988) Mysterious Press hardcover

Steven Kirk CIA Agent
WATERMAN (1987) Mysterious Press hardcover
STINGER (1990) NAL (format?)

Horning hasn't had any more novels in either of these series published.
He wrote another novel as Peter Caine: VIRUS (1989) not part of either
series. The books have ongoing references to the pop culture,
particularly rock music, of the 1960's and 1970's. The setting is
Charlottesville, Virginia. My opinion is that the Swift novels deproved
with each book; the first was the best, the second less so, etc. He may
have been a victim of the bottom line attitude which resulted in the
dropping of so many midlist authors.

Horning comments in the St. James Guide "I am a writer as opposed to a
particular /kind/ of writer. I=92ve published novels, short stories,
poetry, nonfiction have written two screenplays and had a song
commercially recorded."

My guess is you will find these in used book stores if you find them
anywhere - they're not particularly collectable (that is, don't carry a
current value over their jacket price) so they should be out there.

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