RARA-AVIS: Hardboiled America Mystery Solved

Several days (or was it weeks?) ago I posted information about the
following book:

       ISBN/PRICE: 0306807734 TP; USD 16.95 R
       PUB STATUS: Active Record
           AUTHOR: O'Brien, Geoffrey
            TITLE: Hardboiled America; Lurid Paperbacks & the Masters of
          EDITION: EXD
          IMPRINT: New York :  : Da Capo Press, Incorporated, 
      PROJ PUB DT: 9704
        PHYS DESC: 216 p. : ill.

I wondered if this was a new book or a reprint with a slightly different
title of O'Brien's earlier book (which is great, by the way), Hardboiled
America: The Lurid Years of Paperbacks.

Well, I finally called the publisher, Da Capo, and was told that yes, it
is the same book with a different title. So, for those of you who own it
already, don't buy it (like I was about to do). It is the same thing
(and I'm glad it is being republished, I just don't know why they had to
change the title).

Best wishes,

Richard King
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