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Listening: sources and reviews

I miss Rdio. It was a great place to listen to music. Now I use Tidal as my streaming music provider; it has no social aspect at all so I need to do more work finding out about what’s new or old and worth hearing. These links are references for me so I can always get to sources I like.


Finding similar artists:

Online listening:

  • Bandcamp: once you’ve bought something and have an account, you can stream; I’ve found music on there that isn’t on Tidal, and I can buy it and download as FLAC.
  • BBC Radio 3: classical. Private Passions has some good guests.
  • BBC Radio 4: talk, documentaries, comedy and drama. And the Shipping Forecast.
  • BBC Radio 4 Extra: repeats of old comedy and drama.
  • CBC Radio One: really I only listen to Metro Morning on my clock radio and Quirks and Quarks as a podcast. CBC Radio is dreadful compared to what it used to be. Still, sometimes there’s something going on where I want live coverage.
  • KING’s Second Inversion.
  • New Music USA’s Counterstream Radio.
  • Radio Aporee. “A responsive stream of sound, a topographic radio that listens, that may (or may not…) recognise and react to events, e.g. new sound uploads, listeners tuning in, mobile app activity, live sessions, phone calls etc.”
  • Soundart Radio 102.5 FM.
  • A Soft Murmur. “Ambient sounds to wash away distraction.”
  • SoundCloud: I mostly use this for podcasts. Wouldn’t be surprised if it disappears soon.
  • WQXR’s Q2: “a listener-supported, New York-based online station devoted to the music of living composers.”
  • WWOZ: the “Guardians of the Groove” in New Orleans.

Direct links: