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Media collections librarian job open at York University

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York University Libraries is looking for a media collections librarian.

York University Libraries seeks a dynamic and innovative individual with strong leadership potential to advance its portfolio in media collections: film, sound recordings, audiovisual recordings and photography, both digital and analogue. This person will support the teaching, learning and research needs of all our users. This continuing appointment position is open to those with any mix of direct experience or expertise with media content and its development, preservation, licensing and analysis.

The department listed as I write is incorrect: it’s not Open Scholarship, it’s Content Development and Analysis, which is where I work.

I’m the chair of the search committee, so I can’t give any off the record advice or insight the way I usually do, but Interviewing at York University Libraries still generally holds true. I guess there’s a chance that something might happen in person, but it seems more likely to be online, so the course of the day will be different. We’re planning on doing some other things a little differently, to make the process more inclusive, and when it’s over I’ll report back on that.

One thing I can say is: If you have a library degree and experience managing a media collection, then please consider applying! We are happy to take anything into consideration about someone’s career path or personal circumstances so far. Notice too that the posting requires some experience but in many places talks about “ability” or “promise” to do something, so for example if someone hasn’t had a chance to teach or do research consultations yet that doesn’t count them out.

If you’d like to talk to one of my colleagues who’s not on the search committee and can tell you more about the library and the work, email me at work and I’ll pass it on to someone.

The position is open because of the retirement of the great Rob van der Bliek, who will be much missed. If you’re a Monk fan, check out The Thelonious Monk Reader, a wonderful collection he edited.