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David Partridge in the Daily Telegraph


Following up on David Partridge photograph from a couple of weeks ago: I emailed the British Library’s Reference Enquiry Team with my request for the mention of him in the Daily Telegraph and got a quick response with all of page 12 from Tuesday 01 June 1971. It was the editorial and letters page, with a daily diary called “London Day by Day” with the byline “Peterborough” (also the name of the column for many years, apparently) which is where Mr. Partridge is mentioned.

The mention:

From the Daily Telegraph
From the Daily Telegraph

(See how the crop marks on my copy of the photo turned into the smaller version used.)


A casual conversation last Christmas at Ellingham Mill, Suffolk, which was derelict when bought by Lucy Halford, the industrial designer, and her husband, the artist, Chester Williams, will result in a five-man exhibition of paintings and sculptures there from Monday.

André Dzierzynski, the artist who had decorated the mill, had suggested that the Williamses should hold their first joint exhibition in London. Mrs. Williams went one better, putting forward the idea of a larger exhibition at the mill, to run concurrently with the Aldeburgh Festival.

Aldeburgh, whose festival opens on Friday, is 25 miles away. The five artists are David Partridge and John Piper, in my pictures, Elena Gaputyte, André Dzierzynski and Chester Williams.

So now we know about a small group show that was a tiny bit of Mr. Partridge’s life. He deserves a biography and a full catalogue raisonné.

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