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Tin trunk


When I was up in Ottawa last week, at the Navigating the Reorganization conference, during a lunch break I went out for a walk with Jane Schmidt, Patti Ryan, and another librarian whose name I have completely forgotten (sorry). We had a nice wander down Lyon Street and back up Kent, where we passed by highjinx. I always like to look in antique and vintage stores, and I’m very happy we went in.

I’ve been wanting to get a lockable metal trunk for a couple of months, and I thought I’d have to get one at the Tire or some place like that. But upstairs there were two stacks of suitcase and trunks, and one was this:

Here’s the top:

A label still attached to the handle shows that David Wilson took it with him when he travelled first class on the Cunard ship RMS Franconia from Le Havre to Montreal in April 1965.

Inside, a page from the 03 February 1930 issue of the Singapore Free Press is stuck to the bottom.

Top left is an ad for what’s on at the Raffles Hotel (“Mura Smirnova, the well-known dancer from Shanghai” and “Murray, the Australian escapologist” were performing), and below that an ad for a Remington Portable typewriter.

And it has a key and it locks.

I was in a rush and didn’t stay for long or get to chat to the people there, and I didn’t clue in to what it’s all about. Next time I’m back in Ottawa I will definitely go back.