Miskatonic University Press

Listening to Art now has an ISSN


I’m delighted to report that Listening to Art has an ISSN: 2562-2668. The International Standard Serial Number is for serial publications what ISBNs are for books: unique identifying numbers.

Getting one was surprisingly simple. Library and Archives Canada manages ISSN Canada, and the application form there is short. I applied; they pointed out something I was missing; I fixed it; they assigned an ISSN. Wonderful!

The site follows the guidelines for the presentation of serial publications:

To assist readers in finding, identifying and using your serial publication, we recommend the following information be presented clearly, explicitly, and consistently on each and every issue or part:

  • title
  • name of publisher
  • place of publication
  • numbering and/or chronological designation
  • frequency
  • ISSN

Observing this best practice will help users to easily discover your serial publication and to distinguish it from other serials.

Soon I will add some metadata inside the web pages so that the ISSN is embedded as a Uniform Resource Number.