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Brooklyn Raga Massive, In C


Earlier this year I saw mention in The New Yorker of a performance by the Brooklyn Raga Massive of In C by Terry Riley. It got a great review, and I was delighted to find the recording on Bandcamp, which I ordered immediately. It came out last month and I’ve listened to it several dozen times.

The other day I saw a link from NPR that includes a video the band posted that trims the 70-odd minute long performance to a delightful 7.5 minutes, with the band waking up and moving through a day.

If you have access to a streaming music service, there will probably be several performances of “In C” available. If you like one, try them all. It’s not to everyone’s taste, but I think it’s an incredible composition and every performance I’ve heard has had at minimum a good dose of magic in it.