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Emacs in Conforguration


On top of Ruby I now have Emacs itself set up in Conforguration. On a new bare machine I can git clone two GitHub repositories, run some scripts, and after a lot of compiling my entire Emacs setup will be ready and waiting. (Note: works on Ubuntu, and probably other Debian-based systems but I don’t know for sure.)

sudo apt-get install git
git clone git@github.com:wdenton/.emacs.d.git
mkdir -p src
cd src
git clone git@github.com:wdenton/conforguration.git
cd conforguration/dotfiles
source ~/.bashrc
cd ../scripts

Then running emacs will download and install a couple of dozen packages. When that’s done you’ll see exactly what my Emacs is like. If you don’t want to go that far, skip the .emacs.d repository download, but make sure your PATH is set up to point to Emacs in the right place under /usr/local/src/.

Once Emacs is installed you can run the Conforguration scripts inside it, but it’s nice they also work outside, for those scary early minutes on a new machine when Emacs is not installed.