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Announcing STAPLR: Sounds in Time Actively Performing Library Reference. It is a live streaming sonification that turns the reference desks at York University Libraries into music.

Listen in the background for ambient awareness of what’s going on at our desks—and for some beautiful moments that emerge when the simple composition currently running is applied to the unpredictable desk activity.

(I’ve had some reports from people who say it doesn’t work, but I don’t have enough details to debug the problem, so if the in-browser player doesn’t work, try the direct audio link, or try both in another browser. Requires Ogg Vorbis, so make sure your browser can handle that audio format. If the seconds are passing, it’s working, even if there’s no music: there may be nothing happening at the desks. If none of that works, please tell me your operating system and browser, and confirm you tried the direct audio link. Thanks.)

New composition coming soon, and an event in February. Technical details to follow too.