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OLITA lending library report on BKON beacon


In June I borrowed a BKON A-1 from the OLITA technology lending library. It’s a little black plastic box with a low energy Bluetooth transmitter inside, and you can configure it to broadcast a URL that can be detected by smartphones. I was curious to see what it was like, though I have no use case for it. If you borrow something from the library you’re supposed to write it up, so here’s my brief review.

  1. I took it out of its box and put two batteries in.
  2. I installed a beacon detector on my phone and scanned for it.
  3. I saw it:
    BKON screenshot
  4. I followed the instructions on the BKON Quick Start Guide.
  5. I set up an account.
  6. I couldn’t log in. I tried two browsers but for whatever unknown reason it just wouldn’t work.
  7. I took out the two batteries and put it back in its box.

I’ll give it back to Dan Scott, who said he’s going to ship it back to the manufacturer so they can install the new firmware. I wish better luck to the next borrower.