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Nancy Williamson Festschrift in CCQ 48: 1


When I arrived at library school at the University of Toronto in 2001, Nancy Williamson had mostly retired and was just teaching a half course a year on subject analysis. It was a very good course, I learned a lot, and I knew I was getting one of the last chances to learn from one of the greats. Outside of class Prof. Williamson was very friendly: I talked to her in the library, in the hall, even walked with her up to the subway once in a cold winter wind. She talked about writing FRBR (her name is on it), meeting people in the Classification Research Group, travelling in India, and more.

I was delighted to see today that Cataloguing & Classification Quarterly 48: 1 is a Festschrift in her honour. The introduction is by Lynne Howarth and one article is by Clare Beghtol, two other professors I studied under and who must have studied under Nancy Williamson. With Joe Cox, director of the library school library, they were the four who taught me cataloguing. What I learned from them all inside and outside the classroom has stayed with me ever since. I was lucky enough to be at the Faculty of Information Studies when it was one of the top schools in the world for cataloguing.

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