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Access 2009, Friday #9: Andrew Nagy and Heather Tones White: Mobile Apps


This was another twofer, with two people talking about mobile apps. Now that I have an Android these are much more on my mind! The video of the talk isn't up and it looks like Pete Zimmerman didn't blog it so I don't have any supplemental links for you.

(Before I give my short notes, I hope people will bear in mind that not every mobile phone is an iPhone. Building iPhone apps is building for a very closed, locked-down environment. People should build web sites that work on all devices. Thought: The mobile web is where the web was in 1996, where everyone was building web sites optimized for one particular browser. Nevertheless, all of this mobile work is exciting stuff and I'm glad to see it.)

Andrew Nagy showed a Duke U iPhone app Then U Virginia mobile app. Internet was b0rked so he couldn't pull it up. http://mobile.virginia.edu/, http://m.lib.virginia.edu/.

Heather Tones White (who put her talk in U Saskatchewan's institutional repository) showed a video showing how the U Sask mobile app works.

20% of incoming students have an iPhone or iPod Touch. 77% of arts and sciences students have a cell phone, mostly used for talk and text.

Mobile version of web site will launch soon. Using customized version of Drupal Mobile-tools module. They use browscap module to detect the device type.

Athabasca U is working on a Device Detection Framework.

I asked why they made it an iPhone app instead of a mobile-friendly web site, and they said it basically grew out of a course about iPhone development. The library's site is a mobile site, not an app.