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Access 2009, Friday #8: Jonathan Jiras, The Extensible Catalog


Jonathan Jiras is from the Rochester Institute of Technology (across Lake Ontario from me) and was talking about the eXtensible Catalog project. See the video of the talk. There's all kinds of interesting stuff going on in Rochester and I'm really interested in see how XC turns out. My notes:

XC is a set of open source tools. 1.0 scheduled for January 2010. Early versions available now, software available for download.

Three parts to project:

User interface: Faceted, FRBRized. How're they doing that? Built on Drupal. FRBRization: group related resources by Work.

Metadata tools: Aggregate from various sources, clean it up, convert MARC and DC Core to XC schema. XC schema uses RDA elements and has a FRBRized structure. "First real world practical use of RDA."

XC connectivity suite: OAI toolkit, synchronize data that's in another repository. NCIP toolkit. Circ status, placing holds and recalls, etc.

Showed how all the parts fit together. Customization etc. "XC is a suite of tools that work best for you."