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Date: 11 Nov 2010

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    First of all, I would like to thank Jess Nevins for his stand-up for Bulwer-Lytton on pulpscans. Secondly, for his attention to German pulp lit without which Gernsback mags would have been empty. Nice to see an old Gaslighter out and about.


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      On the off-chance that someone here might find the following
      entertaining or useful....

      I've been compiling statistics on the pulps for a while now, and
      have begun posting them on my blog (
      under the tag Pulp data (so

      So far I've done an overall breakdown of number of titles in individual
      genres (including detective/mystery, of course) as a percentage of the
      whole, an analysis of the German pulps, a couple of spreadsheets listing
      the titles of all European pulps and all European detective pulps,
      and most recently an analysis of the market share of all American
      pulps by genre for 1936, 1921, 1922, and 1923--I intend to
      eventually cover 1921-1949.

      Jess Nevins


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