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From: Jack Bludis (
Date: 07 Nov 2010

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    Ron Clinton quoted from David Corbetts essay:

    > " Noir is precisely about men and women whose misfortune is
    > brought about
    > through “vice or depravity.” It’s a subgenre of
    > tragedy, in which the error
    > of judgment is the belief, often born of desperation, that
    > a criminal act
    > can redeem one’s pitiless luck."
    > That last sentence encapsulates exactly how I envision noir
    > and, as someone
    > else on this list mentioned, it's a heckuva lot richer (and
    > accurate) than
    > "noir = screwed."
    Ron is exactly right, that last sentence encapsulates it, and the someone else who mentioned that it was better than "noir=screwed" and the person who said that was me, the originator of "noir=screwed." I'll leave it to the group to say whether it beats Jim Doherty's "dark and sinister." (I contend that it is)

    I would contend that the last that last sentence is the best and most concisely accurate definition definition of noir that I've seen here or anyplace else.

    Jack Bludis

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