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From: Craig Clarke (
Date: 02 Nov 2010

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    I understand they did the same thing to members of the Western book club as well: passing off newer (and older) books from Berkley and Signet as the "new shipment".

    >From: David Rachels <>
    >Sent: Mon, November 1, 2010 5:31:54 PM
    >Subject: RARA-AVIS: Hard Boiled Crime Book Club
    >The annoyed reader writes . . .
    >I received in the mail today what I took to be the latest shipment from the Hard
    >Case Crime Book Club. Having lost track of what HCC book might be coming next
    >(and unsure of whether there were any more coming from Dorchester at all), I
    >opened the package with some sense of excitement . . . and I was much surprised
    >to find a copy of a ten-year-old Sunny Randall novel by Robert B. Parker.
    >Looking at the enclosed invoice (no money due, of course--they've already taken
    >my $5.99), I was surprised to see that I am now a member of something called the
    >Hard Boiled Crime Book Club.
    >Was I warned that they were going to do this to me? I don't know--I don't
    >usually look at the fine print when they send me a new book. But in any case:
    >David R.


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