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From: Debbi Mack (demack5@comcast.net)
Date: 27 Oct 2010

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    Thank you, Jack. I haven't read the other reviews, so I can't compare. (In fact, this is the first of Bruen's Jack Taylor books I've read.) However, the book really did make me think.

    Are the negative aspects of the other reviews about the reasons why the Devil would pick on Jack? I'm curious, because I kept returning to that question. I think my review pretty much covers my thinking on the matter. (And the discussion had to be kept short due to MSM's limited word count requirements. So one learns to synopsize pretty well by writing for them.)

    Anyhow, as I pondered the question, I came upon the possible answer I wrote about. Who knows if it's the right one or if Bruen even intended it? I just thought it was interesting.

    Best, Debbi

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    I took a look at Debbi Mack's short review of Ken Bruen's "The Devil."

    It's a quick to-the-point, review. It's basically positive to much of the negative I've seen, but reading her take on of a philosophical interpretation makes me want to read the book and decide for myself.

    See it at:


    Jack Bludis

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