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From: Patrick King (
Date: 18 Oct 2010

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    Hmmm... now that I think of it, Patrick King could be Stephen King's long lost twin brother - or even the great man himself carelessly incognito...  Worth considering -- or perhaps not.


    In 1971 I had a torrid affair with a woman named Carrie. I outlined a book about her, moved to NYC and started to commit it to paper. Imagine my chagrin when I went into a news stand one day and saw a book entitled CARRIE by someone named Stephen King! Of course I had to buy it, took it home and read it in an evening and thought it was damned well written... highly implausible, but damned good. Needless to say I shelved my Carrie book. I believe the renowned Stephen King is a year older than I am, and apparently Patrick Kennedy is a year younger than I, but we could all three of us certainly have been those kids trekking through the woods in THE BODY.

    Patrick King


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