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From: Patrick Kennedy (
Date: 17 Oct 2010

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    Kev, me ould flower,

    Nope,  your mooted solution to that particular perceived mystery sounds utterly implausible to me.  But then it would.  They don't do mysteries anymore where the culprit is betrayed by the initials on his monogrammed suitcases.  I don't know where the other Patrick K is from, but I live in Dublin, turned sixty this year, and can be easily distinguished by being one of the few members here who has had nothing whatsoever published and has no connection to a publishing house.  God but you've managed to dent my faith in my uniqueness and originality of thought, and I can't even attend a Hard Boiled convention in America to prove my point, given my current financial difficulties and the price of flights from Ireland. Hmmm... now that I think of it, Patrick King could be Stephen King's long lost twin brother - or even the great man himself carelessly incognito...  Worth considering -- or perhaps not.

    Patrick... Kennedy, I'm almost sure 

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      Patrick K(ing) wrote:

    > That's as may be (that Erle Stanley Gardner was hard-boiled) , but I'm talking
    >about plausible and implausible. Erle Stanley
    > Gardner's plot resolutions frequently fall in the implausible drawer. That
    > doesn't mean I don't enjoy the stories. I just have to stretch my credibility
    > accept that Perry Mason can always find a cab and his convoluted legal schemes
    > always work out. ESG is one of my favorite writers, nonetheless, but plausible
    > he is not.

    If you concede that Gardner is both implausible and hard-boiled, what does that do to your argument that hard-boiled is more realistic than cozies?

    And how do you decide when your last name is Kennedy and when it's King?

    Or are there really two of you out there, finishing each other's thoughts? Sheesh, sometimes truth is more implausible than fiction. But then, real life doesn't have to make sense. Fiction does.

    Kevin Burton Smith

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