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Date: 16 Oct 2010

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    By the way, if by Gardner you mean Erle Stanley, well, he more correctly belongs with the hard-boiled school. Whatever happened to Perry Mason once he hit the tube, he and most of Gardner's early heroes, many of whom appeared in BLACK MASK and DIME DETECTIVE, were plenty tough enough. In fact, Gardner was one of BLACK MASK's most popular authors, along with Hammett and Daly.


    That's as may be, but I'm talking about plausible and implausible. Erle Stanley Gardner's plot resolutions frequently fall in the implausible drawer. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy the stories. I just have to stretch my credibility to accept that Perry Mason can always find a cab and his convoluted legal schemes always work out. ESG is one of my favorite writers, nonetheless, but plausible he is not.

    Patrick King


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