RARA-AVIS: Re: Terriers

From: Jim Williams (ineffable@zoho.com)
Date: 11 Oct 2010

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    Duane Spurlock posted:

    > Friday nights, the family -- pizza plates in hand -- circles around
    > the PC flat screen and watches Burn Notice (in season), In Plain
    > Sight (ditto), White Collar, The Human Target (apparently not back
    > this season), 30 Rock, and Hawaii 5-0 (or is that 5-O?) -- and we
    > throw in some old episodes of Family Affair and Have Gun Will Travel
    > for a nice balance.

    HUMAN TARGET was going to premiere its second season on 10/1, but something happened and now it's scheduled for 11/17. Here is the writeup and a trailer <http://bit.ly/cukpi5> (link to tvrage.com) on the premiere. Good show, I like it, too.

    Of the shows which loosely qualify to be under the 'mystery' umbrella, I also like BURN NOTICE and IN PLAIN SIGHT. My favorites, though, are THE CLOSER and DEXTER. As I am too cheap to subscribe to Showtime just for DEXTER, that one I watch online...

    First post here. Long time (half a century) mystery fan, living in Mystic, CT. Current favorite mystery authors, Lawrence Block and Michael Connelly. All-time favorites, add to those two such names as Fredric Brown, Charles Willeford, and too many others for a short introductory post.

    --  Jim Williams, ineffable@zoho.com

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