RARA-AVIS: Preferred San Francisco lyrics & Bouchercon

From: davidcorbett622 (davidcorbettauthor@gmail.com)
Date: 13 Oct 2010

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    Ali, I'm looking forward to reconnecting (last time: Baltimore), but please, that flowers in the air bit is so, I dunno, faux-ny? For a lyric that truly captures the city, try this (I personally prefer the Carmen MacRae version of this tune):

    I'm always drunk in San Francisco; I always stay out of my mind. But if you've been to San Francisco, they say that things like this go on all the time.

    It never happens nowhere else, maybe it's the air; Can't really seem to help myself; And, what's more, I don't care.

    I'm always drunk in San Francisco; I'm never feeling any pain. But tell me, why does San Francisco, just like a lover's kiss, go straight to my brain?

    I guess it's just the mood I'm in that acts like alchol; Because I'm drunk in San Francisco, and I don't drink at all.

    Have a great time in Babylon by the Bay, Bouchercon-goers. See you there.

    David Corbett www.davidcorbett.com

    P.S. I'm doing three things while there, so any rara avians who want to come up and say hey, please do:

    Litanies of Noir 9PM Thursday night This will be the talk of the conference, I promise. At an undisclosed location, you must pick up your invite at City lights Books in North Beach. A stellar lineup -- me, Megan Abbott, Craig Clevenger, Eddie Muller, Don Herron, Kevin Guillfoyle, Cara Black, Kelli Stanley, Domenic Stansberry, Donna De La Pierre, Sin Soracco -- and, well, come see.

    The Glass Dartboard: Politics 10 AM Friday I'm moderating a panel with Barry Eisler, Gayle Lynds, SJ Rozan and Mark Billingham that explores the question: Who's afraid of Glenn Beck: Are liberals out in the cold with the current kingmaker of thrillers?

    No Minor Vices 3 PM Friday Peter Maravelis of City Lights moderates a panel with me, Eddie Muller, Kelli Stanley, Lisa Lutz and Domenic Stansberry.

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