RARA-AVIS: He knew it!

From: Kevin Burton Smith (kvnsmith@thrillingdetective.com)
Date: 12 Oct 2010

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    Dave wrote (no doubt with one eye in the mirror):

    > Even though what I wrote was outrageously facetious, even though I even added that I was only kidding, even though it would require a rigid, completely inflexible mind to take what I wrote at all seriously I knew Kevin Burton Smith would. I almost wrote a post predicting it....

    You almost predicted that I, a sometime critic, would blog about reviews and the overly sensitive writers who carp constantly about them? Do you really think you're the only writer out there I could possibly be referring to? And that this is the only list I'm on?

    Because last night I got an email from someone else, on another list, who's pissed off at me for writing about HIM. Maybe you guys should get together and start a club.

    Heck, you could blurb each other's books.

    > Either Kevin Burton Smith knew what I wrote was meant to be outrageous and not to be taken seriously and decided to use it anyways to make one of his obvious points, or the guy is so literally minded that he can't see the obvious. In either case it's a problem if we have to worry about having what we write here twisted out of context and broadcast elsewhere....

    > I like to joke around, it's my nature, but as long as KBS has access to this forum and I have to worry about having him twisting anything else from me out of context so he can write one of his rants, I won't be in the future.

    So, you're calling for me to be kicked off Rara-Avis? :-)

    Because you think I blogged about you?

    It's true, Dave, you ARE a funny guy. Such a kidder. Or at least you make me laugh. And you probably think this song is about you, don't you?

    Don't you?

    What a silly thread. Let's stop it here.

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    "I blog; therefore I am."

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