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Date: 12 Oct 2010

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    When I reference my vast preference for early Ellroy over later Ellroy, I'm utilizing a totally arbitrary, personal cutoff, one that, in fact, divides the L.A. Quartet. Along with the Lloyd Hopkins trilogy and his most of his other early works (BROWN'S REQUIEM and SILENT TERROR...didn't really care for CLANDESTINE), I very much enjoyed THE BIG NOWHERE, L.A. CONFIDENTIAL and THE BLACK DAHLIA, but parted ways with him w/ '92's WHITE JAZZ, the fourth of the Quartet. Half-hearted attempts with his subsequent UNDERWORLD trilogy (AMERICAN TABLOID, et al) affirmed my disinclination to continue trying to read his work.

    Ron C.

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    > I don't think the Hopkins books are all that different from the LA
    Quartet. The main
    > difference seems to me that Ellroy replaced the half-crazed Hopkins with
    > wholly-crazed and even more compromised protagonists of the later books..
    > than that the books seem to share the same strengths (narrative drive, a
    > natural style, a very disturbing sensibility) and the same weaknesses
    > plotting, ridiculous Grand Guignol violence, a sometimes cartoony and
    > conscious darkness). Obviously, I like the Ellroy books but I can see how
    > could leave some folks cold.
    > James

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