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From: Patrick King (
Date: 11 Oct 2010

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    I'm kinda weird in that I really don't like Ellroy's early novels at all - they are implausible and forced at best. I would never compare them to his more mature work.


    You really think that about BROWN'S REQUIEM & KILLER ON THE ROAD? Even Ellroy will tell you not all of his early works are great. But they all have the essence of what made him into the writer he's become. They're normal length. They're comparatively straight forward and easy to read. They're very creepy. As far as implausible is concerned, even his mature work is not very plausible. Not many crime novels are plausible. But when you read about true crime, plausibility doesn't enter into it, either. Why does anyone think they can get away with a crime? They're narcissists, they've gotten away with everything else, they're clinically insane. Committing a crime is an absurd way to solve a problem. Nonetheless, because people do, life if more interesting.

    Patrick King


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